When it comes to delivery, top-notch quality is a priority for us. This is reflected in our focus for productivity – whether it be experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities or processes we follow to ensure on-time delivery for our customers.


Well equipped with over a thousand employees and growing infrastructure, we have the adaptability to maneuver, and the ability to accept new ideas.


Since the 1990’s we have taken steps to be ahead of the curve as an organization that promotes and prioritizes learning. We study and build on strategies for continuous work process improvements in the new era of change and fast developing technology.


By manufacturing a complete package, we create a completely worry-free experience for our clients. The endgame – quality reigns supreme for all project partners securing future growth of all their projects.


ABPTE’s full service project approach comes with a proven track record that guarantees the client’s end results are attained with the required flexibility.


Our persistence in keeping to the long term vision of the company during the growth and challenges we faced over the last 63 years is what has shaped our credibility. It is this trait that has helped form the values upon which we have built our strengths.  

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We value the business ethics and our activities carried out in international standards which are the cornerstone in our edifice.