Our Values

Growth Oriented

The sky is the limit with Al Babtain – since our inception in 1955 – we have enjoyed accelerated growth and sustainability.

By leveraging our company vision, we have taken power and telecommunications to a new level; our work can be described as a complete package by integrating manufactured lighting poles with lighting fixtures and by producing towers with a business approach to diversify and enter the telecommunications field. Equally important for customer satisfaction is expanding geographical markets which now include facilities in Egypt and France.

Solution provider

Products drive progress but so do savvy business models. Al Babtain is a solution provider.

Top notch products are what our customers expect – specializing in outdoor lighting, transmissions and distribution, telecommunications and galvanizing services. We seize the opportunity to exceed expectations by offering full service options along with reliable products in the marketplace. This approach is responsible for our evolution since 1955 and continues to make us competitive. As a company, we have been able to be specialized in the power and telecommunications sectors while presenting a professional approach from every direction.

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We value the business ethics and our activities carried out in international standards which are the cornerstone in our edifice.